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15 amazing Halloween machine embroidery items to create

Halloween machine embroidery

Halloween is a great time to expose yourself to the machine embroidered items, we collected some amazing ideas to embroider Halloween machine embroidery designs on: These Halloween machine embroidery ideas offer a wide range of options to get creative and add a festive touch to your Halloween celebrations. Choose designs that match your style, whether […]

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Top 10 items to embroider with Barbie machine embroidery design

barbie machine embroidery design

What are the most popular items to be embroidered with Barbie machine embroidery design? Well lets see in this post, but fisrstly let’s understand why Barbie is so popular! Barbie, the iconic doll introduced in 1959, has captivated generations with her timeless charm and boundless potential. With her ever-evolving fashion sense and diverse range of […]

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What to do after pourchase machine embroidery files

How to unzip machine embroidery files

After purchasing machine embroidery files, you will receive an e-mail with the download link to download your machine embroidery files, as well the embroidery files will be available in the downloads section of your account – right here. Here’s what you can do next: 1. Download the Files:   – Click on the download link to start […]

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Tips on embroidery machine maintenance

embroidery machine maintenance

Congrats you have your new embroidery machine and are ready to have your first project, or you’ve been using your machine for a longer while and are wondering what kind of care actions your machine need. How to maintain your embroidery machine, how often your machine needs maintenance action, and why to maintain your machine […]

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All you may need to know about Nike logo machine embroidery designs

Nike logo machine embroidery designs

In this post, i want to discuss several topics about Nike logo machine embroidery designs. To explore the most popular items people love to embroider with the Nike logo machine embroidery designs, see the most popular logos, as well to see what are the best-selling Nike machine embroidery logos in our e-store. So here we […]

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Where to get machine embroidery files? Best practices.

Where-to get machine embroidery files

Ok, you got an embroidery machine – what comes next? – The main question any embroidery machine owner might be curious about is where to get suitable machine embroidery files, to use on your embroidery machine. Here I collected some good practices to get machine embroidery files. If you have in mind some design you […]

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All you need to know about Back-to-school embroidery designs

Back-to-school machine embroidery designs

The back-to-school machine embroidery designs might be a great idea for summer evenings. Summer break doesn’t last forever and it’s time to prepare for back-to-school season. There are several ways to make this time special by preparing some special gifts and accessories for your schoolmates students and teachers.  In this post, you will find: 10 […]

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How to upload embroidery files to your embroidery machine? Step-by-step Guide.

how to upload embroidery files to embroidery machine

One of the most common questions our beginner customers used to ask is how to upload the embroidery files they buy on our e-store to their embroidery machines. In this post, I would make a clear guide on how to upload embroidery files to the embroidery machine. To upload embroidery files to an embroidery machine, […]

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10 Outstanding tips on how to choose an embroidery machine

embroidery machine - what files support

Choosing the right embroidery machine can be an important decision for anyone interested in embroidery. In this post I would like to discuss the tips How to choose an embroidery machine Top 20 embroidery machines and suitable filetypes for them Here are 10 outstanding tips to help you choose the right embroidery machine: By considering […]