Nike fire logo embroidery design

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Nike Fire logo embroidery design

8 SIZES:   4.5″, 5.0″, 5,5″, 6,0″, 6.5″, 7.0″, 7,5″, 8,0″
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Nike fire logo embroidery design

  • It’s an instant download – the file will be ready to download after purchase.
  • it’s a filled design with some satin-stitch design parts
  • You will get a ZIP archive with all  the letters of the font

Useful tips for embroidering Nike fire logo embroidery design

Embroidering the Nike Fire logo embroidery design can be an exciting project due to its bold and dynamic appearance. Here are some useful tips to help you achieve a professional and polished result:


  1. Design Selection
    Obtain a high-quality embroidery design specialized for your machine.
  2. Fabric Selection:
    • Choose a sturdy fabric that can support the dense stitching typically required for the Nike Fire logo embroidery design. Common choices include cotton, polyester, or a cotton-poly blend.
  3. Stabilizer:
    • Use a stabilizer that matches the fabric weight and type. For t-shirts or sweatshirts, a medium-weight cut-away stabilizer is ideal to prevent puckering. For lighter fabrics, consider using a tear-away stabilizer.


  1. Hooping:
    • Hoop the fabric and stabilizer together securely. The fabric should be taut without stretching, to avoid distortion in the embroidery.
  2. Needle and Thread:
    • Use a sharp embroidery needle suitable for the fabric type (e.g., size 75/11 or 80/12).
    • Choose high-quality embroidery threads. For the fire effect, consider using a mix of colors that transition smoothly (e.g., red, orange, yellow) to create a gradient effect.

Embroidery Process

  1. Test Stitching:
    • Perform a test stitch of Nike Fire logo embroidery design on a scrap piece of the same fabric. This allows you to verify the design’s alignment, thread colors, and stitch density.
  2. Adjustments:
    • Based on the test stitch results, make any necessary adjustments to the digitized design or machine settings, such as thread tension, stitch density, and color changes of the Nike Fire logo embroidery design.
  3. Thread Changes:
    • Carefully manage thread changes for different parts of the design, especially for achieving the gradient fire effect. Use gradual color transitions to create a smooth blend.


  1. Trimming:
    • After completing the embroidery, trim any loose threads carefully on both the front and back sides of the fabric.
  2. Removing Stabilizer:
    • Gently remove the stabilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If using a cut-away stabilizer, trim the excess stabilizer around the Nike Fire logo embroidery design without cutting the fabric.
  3. Pressing:
    • Press the embroidered fabric from the backside using a pressing cloth to avoid flattening the stitches and to maintain the texture and dimension of the embroidery.

Additional Tips

  1. Gradient Effect:
    • To enhance the fire effect, consider using variegated threads that change colors gradually. Alternatively, manually change thread colors in stages to create a seamless gradient.
  2. Machine Maintenance:
    • Regularly clean and maintain your embroidery machine to ensure it runs smoothly and produces high-quality stitching Nike Fire logo embroidery design .
  3. Storage:
    • Store embroidered items properly to prevent wrinkles and damage. Avoid folding the embroidered area; instead, roll or hang the fabric.

By following these tips, you can achieve a vibrant and dynamic Nike Fire logo embroidery design that stands out and looks professional.

Additional information

Embroidery design size

All sizes together, 4.5" ( 11.43 cm ), 5" ( 12.7cm ), 5.5" ( 13.97 cm ), 6" ( 15.24 cm ), 6.5" (16.51 cm ), 7" ( 17.78 cm ), 7.5" ( 19. 05 cm), 8" ( 20.32 cm )

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