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Heart Embroidery Design

(39 customer reviews)

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Heart Embroidery Design.


All sizes combined in one ZIP archive:

  • SIZE 0.79″ x 0.71″ / w20 x h18mm. St: 793
  • SIZE 1.18″ x 1.06″ / w30 x h27mm. St: 1425
  • SIZE 1.57″ x 1.42″ / w40 x h36mm. St: 2164
  • SIZE 1.97″ x 1.77″ / w50 x h45mm. St: 3145
  • SIZE 2.36″ x 2.17″ / w60 x h55mm. St: 4249
  • SIZE 2.76″ x 2.48″ / w70 x h63mm. St: 5520
  • SIZE 3.15″ x 2.83″ / w80 x h72mm. St: 6832
  • SIZE 3.54″ x 3.23″ / w90 x h82mm. St: 8461
  • SIZE 3.94″ x 3.54″ / w100 x h90mm. St: 10105
  • SIZE 4.33″ x 3.94″ / w110 x h100mm. St: 12160
  • SIZE 4.72″ x 4.29″ / w120 x h109mm. St: 14254
  • SIZE 5.12″ x 4.65″ / w130 x h118mm. St: 16386
  • SIZE 5.51″ x 5.0″ / w140 x h127mm. St: 18949
  • SIZE 5.91″ x 5.31″ / w150 x h135mm. St: 21239
  • SIZE 6.3″ x 5.67″ / w160 x h144mm. St: 23982


Heart Embroidery Design some additional facts:

  • It’s an instant download – the file will be ready to download after purchase.
  • it’s a filled-stitch design with some  satin-stitch parts
  • You will get a ZIP archive with all  the file types

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Tips to have amazing results embroidering Heart embroidery design:

  • Stabilize Your Fabric:
    • Use an appropriate stabilizer, such as a tear-away or cut-away, depending on your fabric type. This will help maintain the shape and prevent puckering during the embroidering process of heart embroidery design.
  • Use Quality Threads:
    • Choose high-quality embroidery threads for vibrant colors and a smooth finish to the heart embroidery design. Polyester or rayon threads are excellent choices for their strength and sheen.
  • Select the Right Needle:
    • Use a sharp embroidery needle suitable for your fabric type. A size 75/11 or 80/12 is commonly used for most embroidery projects.
  • Consistent Hooping:
    • Ensure your fabric is evenly hooped and taut to avoid shifting the heart embroidery design file. This ensures that your heart design will be precise and even.
  • Stitch Density and Type:
    • Adjust the stitch density to match your fabric and design size. Use satin stitches for the outline and fill stitches for the interior. If the heart design has intricate details, consider using a smaller stitch length for better accuracy.

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39 reviews for Heart Embroidery Design

  1. Kevin

    Stitched out perfectly. Just what I wanted and 4 sizes too!

  2. Phoenix

    Great design, stitches out perfectly..

  3. Isabella

    Stitches out beautifully.

  4. William

    A very nice set and clean stitch out!

  5. Amelia

    Another great design. Love how it was so easy to follow the stitch and change the hair color. Thank you.

  6. Janna

    Stitched out great!! Very happy with my purchase.

  7. Penny

    So easy to work with.

  8. Mary

    Super easy to download and the embroidery came out great! Love it!

  9. Dori

    Will definitely buy some more designs!

  10. Grace

    Excellent stitching. No problems and really a nice design.

  11. Victoria

    So nice! Easy to stitch!

  12. Franky

    Love it! Stitched out really well!

  13. Lucy

    Love this files worked so good

  14. Paula

    Love this embroidery design

  15. July

    Love this! Will order here again!

  16. Cecilia

    Will buy here again!

  17. Ciara


  18. Celine

    So nice! Stitched out great!

  19. Liam


  20. Aurora

    Gorgeous designs, works well with my Brother machine!

  21. Madison

    Easy to work with

  22. Pola

    So lovely design!

  23. Dorothy

    it is just what I needed!

  24. Polly

    Works easy

  25. Nora

    Thank you so much, the files worked great with my embroidery machine.

  26. Diana

    Great files, will buy some more!

  27. Leila

    Perfect design

  28. Cathy

    Amazing design came our beautifully

  29. Mary

    Will buy more designs here, this one worked just great!

  30. Dorothy

    Stitched out well

  31. Valery

    Perfectly stiched design

  32. Domenica

    Amazing design came our beautifully! Perfect result!

  33. Mary

    Love the design

  34. Miranda

    Amazing design Perfect result!

  35. Dina

    Amazing files, works good with my Janome machine

  36. Sam

    Comes out great!

  37. Zina

    All worked perfectly!

  38. Melody

    Really suggest this e-store, works perfectly

  39. Pola

    Thank you for the files!

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