Summer Flowers Floral Machine Embroidery Design

Flowers machine embroidery designs in

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USD 10.00

Flowers machine embroidery designs.

5 SIZES: 3.55″, 4.75″, 5.55″, 5.90″, 6.30″
File formats: DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, JEF +, SEW, PES, PEC, ХХХ, VP3, VIP
Color scheme included

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Here are some additional facts about
Flowers machine embroidery design files
instant downloads :

  • It’s an instant download – the file will be ready to download after purchase.
  • It’s a filled stitch design with some silky-stitch parts
  • You will get a ZIP archive with all files and a color sheet

Tips for the high-quality results of the
Flowers machine embroidery design files 

Certainly, here are some more specific tips for achieving high-quality results when embroidering flowers machine embroidery design files:


  1. Fabric Choice:
    Select a fabric that is suitable for machine embroidery and matches the flowers machine embroidery design files.
    Different fabrics require different stabilizers and settings for optimal results.
  2. Stabilization:
    Proper stabilization is crucial to prevent fabric distortion and puckering.
    Use the appropriate stabilizer based on the fabric type and weight.
    Consider using tear-away, cut-away, or wash-away stabilizers as needed.
  3. Hooping Technique:
    Hoop the fabric and stabilizer securely, ensuring that the flowers machine embroidery design files is centered and aligned.
    Use proper hooping techniques to avoid stretching or misalignment.
  4. Thread Quality:
    Use high-quality embroidery thread from reputable brands.
    Cheap or low-quality thread can lead to thread breaks, inconsistent stitches, and poor results.
  5. Needle Selection:
    Choose the right needle size and type for your fabric.
    A finer needle is better for delicate fabrics, while a larger needle can handle heavier fabrics.
  6. Tension Adjustment:
    Calibrate the thread tension to achieve balanced and even stitches.
    Improper tension can result in loose loops or thread breaks.
  7. Test Stitch-Outs:
    Always create a test stitch-out of flowers machine embroidery design files on a scrap fabric same as your final project.
    This allows you to fine-tune settings and make adjustments before embroidering on the actual fabric.
  8. Embroidery Speed:
    Adjust the machine’s speed based on the complexity of the design and the fabric.
    Slower speeds may be necessary for intricate designs or delicate fabrics.

By paying attention to these details and refining your embroidery techniques, you’ll be well on your way to producing high-quality flowers machine embroidery design.

34 reviews for Flowers machine embroidery designs in

  1. Sophia

    Excellent stitching with this design. No problems and really a nice pattern.

  2. Avery

    Stitched out great! Great price!

  3. Max

    Perfect stitch out and sizes were perfect!

  4. Bryan

    Every stitch came out beautifully!

  5. Isabella

    Beautiful! Stitched out great!.

  6. Tery

    Very cute embroidery file…. works great!

  7. Janna

    Stitched out perfectly, and the design exceeded my expectations.

  8. Denise

    Beautiful! Stitched out great!

  9. Lora

    Great design stitched out really well!.

  10. Clara

    Stitched out perfectly, and the design exceeded my expectations.

  11. Lilly

    Perfect design, easy to download and to work with, no adjustments needed!

  12. Terry

    Beautiful! Stitched out great!

  13. Liam

    Gorgeous! Came out so pretty!

  14. Paula

    Stitched out great!

  15. Lea

    So nice! Stitched out perfect!

  16. Corey

    Stitchet out great! will buy some more files!

  17. Gina

    Perfect! Just what I needed!

  18. Brenda

    worked perfect! Amazing design, works well on my machine

  19. Gvinette

    Love the design! The result looks great!

  20. Teresa

    Lovely design!

  21. Marine

    Beautiful design, easy to stitch

  22. Bobby

    So easy to work with the files – perfect stitch!

  23. Brianna

    Beautiful design, easy to stitch! Works Great!

  24. Campbell

    Came out beautif!

  25. Deborah

    Stitched out good with my brother machine

  26. Pam

    Amazing design , love the quality!

  27. Martina

    Amazing design came our beautifully

  28. Lilly

    Great embroidery files as always

  29. Dalila

    PES works great

  30. Diana

    Good files, will buy more

  31. Francis


  32. Diana

    PES works great

  33. Domenica

    Stitched out well

  34. Tiana


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